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Citrix Bring Your Own Device: How Does It Work?

Bring your own device is probably a trend that will not go away soon. Businesses would have to learn to adopt the trend and ensure that their employees can use any device they want and still secure their data and information. If you are considering Citrix BYOD solutions, you might want to contact a Citrix consultancy company or Citrix specialists to help you with the entire process.

Citrix has a suite of solutions and an array of tools that can help you deliver desktops, apps and data to about any device. Citrix knows that when you allow more freedom and flexibility to your employees, you will have a more productive and satisfied workforce.

Citrix specialists recommend the company's BYOD tools because it is compatible with any device, from Apple's iOS products such as the iPhone and the iPad, to laptops running on both Linux and Windows, to Android tablets and smartphones. The company's BYOD tools also makes it easier to implement your BYOD policies and is very secure.

How Does Citrix BYOD Work?

Ask any number of Citrix specialists and they can tell you how to configure your BYOD solution using Citrix products. It will comprise of the following components:

· The end user's device. It does not matter whether you have iPhone lovers or Android fanatics on staff, they can choose to use their own device if they want to. This is possible because of Citrix Receiver. Citrix Receiver is a client software that is very easy to install and allows you to get to your applications, desktops and documents on any device. For IT personnel, Citrix consultancy professionals recommend this because Citrix Receiver is inherently secure and provides a great end user experience without giving IT staff more headaches.

· Virtualisation for your desktop and application. IT personnel can make any desktop, along with its data and apps an on-demand service that is accessible from any device. IT controls everything while still giving employees access to their applications and desktop on any device they choose. XenDesktop is a great solution for this.

· Your Businesses' Applications and Data, Made More Mobile. Citrix CloudGateway can help your business become more mobile as it allows users to deliver Web, mobile and Windows apps as well as data to any device used. Your employees can access your business apps, no matter where they are using a single sign-on. So basically, it is like having a centralised app store for your employees to use anywhere they are.

· Safe, Secure and Convenient Data Sharing. With Citrix ShareFile, your employees can share their files with just about everyone they want to. If you think that this might cause security problems, then do not worry. ShareFile allows your IT to specify comprehensive usage policies. They can also remotely delete any data from any device in the event that it is lost or stolen.

· Other tools. Citrix also offers other tools that would make remote working a breeze for your employees, no matter what device they are using. Podio allows for easy collaboration with clients and colleagues, while GoToMeeting allows them to initiate, join and conduct meetings from anywhere in the world. It also allows for video conferencing and desktop sharing.

Citrix consultancy professionals recommend Citrix BYOD solutions because of the ease in deploying and managing these. What's more, in-house IT personnel love it because these tools are secure by design and allow them to easily implement security rules and policies.

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