How to Empower Women and Girls Even More — With Technology

Social media and other digital tools are transforming the roles of women and girls across the world, policymakers, activists and tech leaders told the 2014 Social Good Summit on Sunday.

United Nations Foundation CEO Kathy Calvin, noted children's rights activist Graça Machel and Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and administrator at the United Nations Development Programme, joined a panel called "Women Power. Empowered Women." Moderated by ABC News co-anchor Juju Chang, the discussion centered on the ways tech is informing, empowering and inspiring women and girls globally.
 5 Times the Internet Demanded Gender Equality

"Information is power," Calvin said. "And technology is the way to empower women."

The panelists discussed the ways technology is improving the lives of women and girls, and addressed action that still needs to be taken on a global scale.

"I think this conversation brings to the center the understanding of the value of our girls," Machel said. "A girl has the same value as a boy. And this means a huge change in the way families and communities look at girls.”

Calvin mentioned specific apps that are helping women around the world, including MAMA, a service developed in partnership with the U.N. that gives age-based information to pregnant and new mothers in Africa — letting them make informed decisions about their health.

"There is a huge gap in gender data," Calvin said.
"If we don’t count women, we can’t take care of them, make sure our policies are meeting their needs or find out if our efforts are working."

"If we don’t count women, we can’t take care of them, make sure our policies are meeting their needs or find out if our efforts are working."

As mobile phone use increases globally, Clark said, women still have far less access than men. She said changing this is "critical to women's economic empowerment and employment."

"The implications of this digital divide is also a services divide, and an information divide," she said. "And information is power, as we know."

For Machel, connecting communities has the power to change long-held ideas or traditions — the kind that lead to child marriage, which affects 15 million girls each year.

“Traditions are man-made,” she said. “These efforts have to go down to the community level. We have to change the mindset.”

A later panel also discussed the importance of connecting communities to change attitudes, and empower women and girls. Moderated by Asha Curran, director of the 92Y's Center for Innovation & Social Impact, "Inspiring Real World Action in the Women's Movement" underscored the work of recent social media campaigns to create discussion surrounding women's issues.

The panelists included Tribal Planet founder Jeff Martin, Executive Director of UN Women Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka and Tara Abrahams, the global policy advisor at Girl Rising. They discussed recent hashtag campaigns, like Yes All Women, that have brought women's issues to the forefront of public discourse.

“Social media is forcing traditional media to address these issues,” Martin said.

Above all, each panelist called for further action to support women and girls. "We need to mobilize," Mlambo said. "Gender discrimination is the most tolerated violation of rights on earth today. We cannot have an open-ended struggle as far as women are concerned — there has to be an expiration date."

Hottest iOS Rumors You Need To Know

Is The iOS 7 Apple's Next Big Step?
Given the boost in the market in 2013, Apple's iOS 7 platform is rumoured to be innovative and not a trend-follower. Reports indicate a handful of improvements are on the way but what does this mean for the future of the tech giant? And does this mean we'll see an iPhone 6

2 iOS To Be Revealed At WWDC 2013
Although reports from early April suggest that Apple could be behind schedule with its iOS 7, it looks like it will be rolled out alongside the next-generation iPhone which could arrive this summer/fall. The iOS 6 was released in September 2012 with the iPhone 5, but it was first previewed in June 2012 during the company's Worldwide Developers Conference. The kicker: Apple is hosting a keynote at WWDC on June 10.
3 Apple's Pushing For A "Flatter" Design
According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple's design chief Jony Ive has been more involved with the iOS platform and he's pushing for a more “flat design” that's “starker and simpler”. The approach is said to favor a cleaner and more minimalist design that rivals Android devices, and considering the rich texture of Apple's trademark apps, the company's new plans could change the entire look of their franchise.
4 Passcodes Will Be Replaced With Face Recognition
It's a feature many Apple users feel the company needs to get a grasp on before falling behind and the tech giant may be set to run with the advancement. A patent application published in February hints that Apple could be considering to replace passcodes in iOS 7 with an image recognition system that allows users to access their iPad or iPhone. There's no official word yet on how this will affect FaceTime.
5 iOS 7 To Come With iRadio App
The company has yet to announce the new service, but Apple is hoping to launch iRadio with the iOS 7 and in partnership with Sony Music. It's projected to be the “killer app” and a competitor against Google's recently launched music subscription service with plans to obliterate existing services such as Pandora, Rdio and Spotify. Considering Apple's interest in radio programs and podcasts, it very well could once launched.
6 iOS 7 To Feature Street View Maps
To compete with Google's beloved Maps service, iOS 7 could feature a Street View-style upgrade for Maps. A patent for “3D position tracking for panoramic imagery navigation” is circling around and it's caused quite a stir amongst fans and analysts. The question on everyone's mind: will we see Apple's own version of the Google Maps car?
7 Apple's Working On An Emergency iOS App
The US Patent And Trademark Office published a “location-based emergency information” patent continuation in January that describes an app that would allow travellers access to details for local emergency services. In a nutshell, this allows users who call themselves “globetrotters” to never be without a 911 service in case they run into danger. Whether this feature will be linked to Apple's GPS/maps service remains to be seen.
8 Introducing: Customized Auto-Correct
Improving their Maps app is one thing but is it about time Apple confronts the comedic material that's provided by their auto-correct feature? Reports indicate a change is coming to iMessage and SMS conversations which may help prevent its add-on from changing “I'll be there in five minutes” to “I like wearing red dresses”.

9 Multiple User Accounts
One of the main complaints among iOS users is the inability to create multiple user accounts on one device. Given their competitors' strategies, Apple could incorporate the feature to benefit couples and families who share an iPad, allowing users to have separate home screens, personal settings and features such as their own calendars and contacts.

10 FaceTime May Welcome Multiple Users
Skype allows you to speak to more than one person at once and Google+ Hangouts allow you to do it for free, so it only makes sense that Apple welcomes multi-user functionality, right? Fans sure hope so, especially given the company's emphasis on enhancing their security settings with facial recognition.

11 Is It Time To Expect Advanced Gestures
Considering the development of Samsung's primary line, consumers are hoping advanced gestures can be introduced on the iOS platform to evolve the iPhone/iPad's standard swipes and pinches. The iPad game “Infinity Blade” interpreted a range of gestures which could lead to user program gestures on the home screen, letting you activate apps, send custom messages and jump to a bookmarked browser page with a shortcut.

12 Improved Battery Emergencies
Customization is key when it comes to the iOS and its latest installment is rumoured to sport a few customizable actions that launch when your device's battery is about to hit 0 per cent power. Apple's instituted the simple pop-up notification but iOS 7 may program it to automatically alter settings such as brightness. 3G, Bluetooth and location services so you don't kill off your phone when you need it most.

13 Widgets/Home Customization
Thanks to Windows, Blackberry and HTC, owning your own device lets you customize the way it looks, from the home screen down to your own personal news feed. Though Apple hates the idea of users being able to create their own “desktops”, they're reportedly leaning towards ideas that will help personalize organization. If you're a business-driven entrepreneur who enjoys “Angry Birds”, this will be perfect for you.

14 Advanced Parental Controls
Microsoft has struggled to develop a revolutionary smartphone or tablet but its Windows 8 platform devours its competition with its Kid's Corner feature. Considering the appeal of Apple to today's consumers, there have been hints to creating advanced parental controls that help establish a device that's safe for children. Hopefully this will tie into multi-user accounts!

15 Siri May Get A Makeover
She's fun to talk to you when you're extremely bored, but Siri's functions haven't provoked users to “use her” on an everyday basis. Improving her “search” features to rival Google Now would help push Apple's iOS to be a revolutionary feature, but only if they improve other apps such as Maps, Safari and even Facebook.

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How 3D Printing Is Going To Change The World

 How Did 3D Printing Begin?

A 3D printer is similar to a normal printer, however a normal printer produces ink on paper. 3D printers, on the other hand, layer atoms on top of each other to create, or print, actual 3D objects.

It sounds fascinating, right? But 3D printing is certainly an invention that did not occur overnight. What is known as 3D printing now was once known as rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping has been in use for many years now, and it involves an engineer designing an object as a computerized aided design file, or CAD. This file would then be sent to machines, which would produce the 3D object.

The only problem with this early type of 3D printing is that the plastics and the metals that were used were just not of a high-enough quality to be used as anything other than a prototype. Although the machine could produce the parts designed, the end product didn't have structural integrity and was only used to design things that engineers wanted to see a life-size model of.

3D Printing Now

The revolution from previous 3D printing methods to what has been developed today, all began when companies like 3D Systems started designing “radically new materials”. The industry evolved from using weak, waxy plastics to very robust materials that can actually be used as a machine part, rather than just a prototype of a part.

Companies came up with new materials such as nanocomposites, different blends of plastics, and different blends of powdered metals. These materials are able to mimic other stronger materials such as steel. Companies have already began using 3D printers to create parts on demand. For example, Jaguar is already using the technology for rapid product development. Other companies such as the Bell Helicopter division of Textron are also making use of the new technology and its faster production times.

Just think of all the various ways that 3D printing can change our world and the speed in which objects are created! So, what exactly will 3D printers be used for, we hear you ask?

Why Printers Are Dead


Bottom line, one of the main reasons printers are on the way out is because maintaining them is so expensive. The ink and the paper costs are unnecessary these days, making printing a luxury some people just don't have time or extra money for. 
Printer is not responding? It is a common problem that many people have dealt with. Although you have followed some guides to troubleshoot it, you might not successfully resolve the problem. This article is to tell the real causes of the "Printer Not Working" problem and how to resolve it for good.

If you plug your printer to a USB port and there is not a green icon showing in the taskbar indicating a device was connected, you can plug it to other ports and see if it is detected. If there is still no icon, it is probably that your USB driver is corrupt or outdated. USB driver is not used by Windows system for recognizing USB devices like printer, scanner, camera and so on.

If it is corrupt or outdated, your system will have difficulty in detecting a device and there will be no any icon shows in the taskbar. That is one of the common causes of "Printer Not Responding" problem. In this case, to fix the problem, you only need to update your USB driver.

In another case, if you get an error message "USB Device Not Recognized" when you attach your printer to your computer, the problem must be caused by the printer driver error. Firstly, you should check if your printer driver is installed properly. Unsuccessful driver installation will lead to your printer not be able to work properly. And if the printer driver is outdated or damaged, your printer will not respond too.

To fix the problem that cause by the driver error, you should check the model of your printer, download and install the latest version on your computer. The printer problems that stem from out-of-date or corrupt driver software can be solved by installing or reinstalling the latest driver.

To update your USB and printer driver, you can click here to use a driver update software to help you. That is the easiest way to fix the printer not working problem. And you can click here to visit my website to find the best way to fix Printer Not Responding problem.

Signs You're A Tech Addict Games

You "Own" World Of Warcraft

Since the beginning of time (aka computer games), you've "owned" World Of Warcraft and even up until now, still play it on a weekly basis, eliminating noobs and even your 10-year-old cousin.

The Coolest Fast and Furious Cars 4

1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Brian races around Dodger Stadium in a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse trying to figure out how to drag race in the first movie. He doesn't know enough about cars at this point, so he installs a disastrous nitrous oxide system. Poor Eclipse. If it were us, we would have treated you right.

1997 Mazda RX-7

"The Fast and the Furious" fans can't get enough of the Mazda RX-7. We saw it in the first two movies; we didn't expect to see it like this in "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift". Veilside rebuilt the RX-7 with a custom widebody that let Sean burn some serious rubber.

2006 Nissan 350Z Tokyo Drift

It may have technically been the bad guy's car, but there's no question the 2006 Nissan 350Z Tokyo Drift is royalty. Comes complete with 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 engine and APS twin-turbo system that ramps up to 450 horsepower. You do not want to get on this car's bad side.