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Best Animated GIF and Meme Generators

iMeme for Mac 

Over 50 built in templates just in case you do not want to pick out your own layout. Many websites and apps do not have this many templates to choose from. Your meme automatically posts to reddit when you're done. Compatible with Windows XP. click here.

Troll Around and Make a Meme 

 Y U No Use Meme while talking?

Register with Troll.me and get started on creating a meme. Simple as 1, 2, 3 post a pic create the caption for top and bottom and voila! Share your memes with your friends. Get started here.

 GIFfun Animations for Mac 

If you have a mac, there are programs to create awesome GIF animations, such as GIFfun. It was designed by Stone Design and it is free to download on their website Click here.

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