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Hottest iOS Rumors You Need To Know

Is The iOS 7 Apple's Next Big Step?
Given the boost in the market in 2013, Apple's iOS 7 platform is rumoured to be innovative and not a trend-follower. Reports indicate a handful of improvements are on the way but what does this mean for the future of the tech giant? And does this mean we'll see an iPhone 6

2 iOS To Be Revealed At WWDC 2013
Although reports from early April suggest that Apple could be behind schedule with its iOS 7, it looks like it will be rolled out alongside the next-generation iPhone which could arrive this summer/fall. The iOS 6 was released in September 2012 with the iPhone 5, but it was first previewed in June 2012 during the company's Worldwide Developers Conference. The kicker: Apple is hosting a keynote at WWDC on June 10.
3 Apple's Pushing For A "Flatter" Design
According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple's design chief Jony Ive has been more involved with the iOS platform and he's pushing for a more “flat design” that's “starker and simpler”. The approach is said to favor a cleaner and more minimalist design that rivals Android devices, and considering the rich texture of Apple's trademark apps, the company's new plans could change the entire look of their franchise.
4 Passcodes Will Be Replaced With Face Recognition
It's a feature many Apple users feel the company needs to get a grasp on before falling behind and the tech giant may be set to run with the advancement. A patent application published in February hints that Apple could be considering to replace passcodes in iOS 7 with an image recognition system that allows users to access their iPad or iPhone. There's no official word yet on how this will affect FaceTime.
5 iOS 7 To Come With iRadio App
The company has yet to announce the new service, but Apple is hoping to launch iRadio with the iOS 7 and in partnership with Sony Music. It's projected to be the “killer app” and a competitor against Google's recently launched music subscription service with plans to obliterate existing services such as Pandora, Rdio and Spotify. Considering Apple's interest in radio programs and podcasts, it very well could once launched.
6 iOS 7 To Feature Street View Maps
To compete with Google's beloved Maps service, iOS 7 could feature a Street View-style upgrade for Maps. A patent for “3D position tracking for panoramic imagery navigation” is circling around and it's caused quite a stir amongst fans and analysts. The question on everyone's mind: will we see Apple's own version of the Google Maps car?
7 Apple's Working On An Emergency iOS App
The US Patent And Trademark Office published a “location-based emergency information” patent continuation in January that describes an app that would allow travellers access to details for local emergency services. In a nutshell, this allows users who call themselves “globetrotters” to never be without a 911 service in case they run into danger. Whether this feature will be linked to Apple's GPS/maps service remains to be seen.
8 Introducing: Customized Auto-Correct
Improving their Maps app is one thing but is it about time Apple confronts the comedic material that's provided by their auto-correct feature? Reports indicate a change is coming to iMessage and SMS conversations which may help prevent its add-on from changing “I'll be there in five minutes” to “I like wearing red dresses”.

9 Multiple User Accounts
One of the main complaints among iOS users is the inability to create multiple user accounts on one device. Given their competitors' strategies, Apple could incorporate the feature to benefit couples and families who share an iPad, allowing users to have separate home screens, personal settings and features such as their own calendars and contacts.

10 FaceTime May Welcome Multiple Users
Skype allows you to speak to more than one person at once and Google+ Hangouts allow you to do it for free, so it only makes sense that Apple welcomes multi-user functionality, right? Fans sure hope so, especially given the company's emphasis on enhancing their security settings with facial recognition.

11 Is It Time To Expect Advanced Gestures
Considering the development of Samsung's primary line, consumers are hoping advanced gestures can be introduced on the iOS platform to evolve the iPhone/iPad's standard swipes and pinches. The iPad game “Infinity Blade” interpreted a range of gestures which could lead to user program gestures on the home screen, letting you activate apps, send custom messages and jump to a bookmarked browser page with a shortcut.

12 Improved Battery Emergencies
Customization is key when it comes to the iOS and its latest installment is rumoured to sport a few customizable actions that launch when your device's battery is about to hit 0 per cent power. Apple's instituted the simple pop-up notification but iOS 7 may program it to automatically alter settings such as brightness. 3G, Bluetooth and location services so you don't kill off your phone when you need it most.

13 Widgets/Home Customization
Thanks to Windows, Blackberry and HTC, owning your own device lets you customize the way it looks, from the home screen down to your own personal news feed. Though Apple hates the idea of users being able to create their own “desktops”, they're reportedly leaning towards ideas that will help personalize organization. If you're a business-driven entrepreneur who enjoys “Angry Birds”, this will be perfect for you.

14 Advanced Parental Controls
Microsoft has struggled to develop a revolutionary smartphone or tablet but its Windows 8 platform devours its competition with its Kid's Corner feature. Considering the appeal of Apple to today's consumers, there have been hints to creating advanced parental controls that help establish a device that's safe for children. Hopefully this will tie into multi-user accounts!

15 Siri May Get A Makeover
She's fun to talk to you when you're extremely bored, but Siri's functions haven't provoked users to “use her” on an everyday basis. Improving her “search” features to rival Google Now would help push Apple's iOS to be a revolutionary feature, but only if they improve other apps such as Maps, Safari and even Facebook.

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